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The Lion Back Office Group provides back office services for small to medium sized businesses who are seeking administrative services including bookkeeping, calendar management, payable management, invoicing, payroll management, financial reporting, compliance filing such as payroll tax filing, sales tax filing, and franchise tax filing. We work with affiliated CPA firms to coordinate income tax filing for both business and personal tax returns.

Our solutions are beneficial to owners who face uncertainty with turnover, providing benefits, providing facilities, training, and supervision. It was noted that the cost of a $18 to $19  per hour employee ranges from $24 to $32 in various regions of the United States (
Refer to Government Study).

What does this mean for business owners? You must focus on building your expertise and personnel around the part of your company that are critical for success. For the other parts of your business, you should find ways to control cost and retain quality. Working with the Lion Back Office Group, you get quality staff working via virtual methods thereby saving you money on benefits, equipments, training, and supervision.  Additionally, as a contract firm, we do not increase cost that related to health care and other benefits.



The Lion Back Office Group provides unique industry solutions for various business, and we provide these suites of services for various business in the Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, other parts of Texas. By working with our clients for a number of years, we have created a tailored suite of virtual administrative services.

These full back office virtual administrative service packages include:

  • Real Estate Investor Portfolios
  • Multifamily Property
  • Self Managed Associations
  • Self Storage Unit
  • Real Estate Brokerages
  • Real Estate Property Management
  • Construction Firms
  • Remodeling and Repair Firms
  • Commercial Property
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