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    The Lion Back Office Group helps Individuals, Business Owners, Landlords, Property Management Firms , and HOAs with their tax preparation needs and bookkeeping needs.

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Serving Our Community

Our family-owned account service has been serving the community for the last 14 years. We provide both personal and business tax preparation services.

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Serving Our Community

Our family-owned account service has been serving the community for the last 15 years. We provide both personal and professional financial services.

Our Small Business Services

Real Estate Investor Bookkeeping

Real Estate Investors who need help managing their books as they handle the day to management for their investment real estate portfolio.

  • Accounts Receivable: Tracking Rent from Tenants
  • Accounts Payable: Tracking Bills from Vendors
  • Bank Account Reconciliation: Reconcile Bank Accounts
  • Bill Payment Services: Paying Bills for vendors with appropriate approval
  • Landlord and Industry Experience: Experienced in Software such Appfolio and Buildium
  • Quickbooks: Experienced in Quickbooks
  • Tax Compliance: Experienced in preparing year end 1099 for vendors 
  • Payroll Services: Experienced in running payroll

Real Estate Property Management Firm Bookkeeping

  • Bookkeeping: manage daily transactions of escrow accounts, client accounts, and internal company books
  • Payroll: Management of payroll and taxes
  • Reconciliation: Reconcile escrow accounts, internal accounting
  • Separation of Duties: Property management firms have a fiduciary duty , and with our outsourced bookkeeping team for the property management company; we are able to help you provide key controls on money by separating duties.
  • Payables & Receivables Support: We can help your team setup key report for tracking rent roll, bills, and work orders.  
  • Property Management Industry Expertise: Experienced in using Appfolio and Buildium property management software. 
  • Quickbooks Experience: Experienced in keeping internal company books on Quickbooks
  • Tax Preparation and Compliance Services: Prepare client and company 1099
  • Company and Business Tax Preparation Services: Our Tax preparers can assist in preparing tax returns for certain states and Federal. 

Self Managed HOA Financial Management

  • Bookkeeping: Manage day to day bookkeeping entries on behalf of the association. 
  • Association Bill Payment Services: Our teams can help setup work flows for board approval on work orders and then pay out approved bills of the HOA. 
  • Association Collection Reporting and Collection Coordination: Our teams can help homeowner associations track collections on homeowners and setup some initial payment follow ups before coordinating with the Association Attorney for the collection effort. 
  • Reporting: Help board of directors make informed decisions with extensive reporting packages that include Association Balance Sheet, Association Income Statement, Association Budget to Actual Tracking, Association Collection Reports. 
  • Association Tax Preparation: Our team can help homeowner and condo association file their taxes on a state or federal level.  
  • Association Tax Compliance:  Our team can help associations file their 1099 for their community. 
  • Online Document Storage: As HOA board turn over, our systems and storage will allow the boards to save on thousands of dollars for storage space where we can store it digitally. 

Real Estate Investor Business Tax Preparation

Real Estate Investor Business Tax Preparation for LLC, S Corp, Partnership, or Corporate Entity tax filing by our tax preparers.