Lion Back Office

Focus on your core strength and we can keep the books

Entrepreneurs and business owners are skilled and building a product or service, but they are not necessarily comfortable with the in and out of preparing financial statements, balancing the book, and insuring that the numbers reflect the activity in the company. Our company is a spin off from our parent firm (Ashoka Lion), which had originally started a a business consulting and bookkeeping firm. The owner of the company combined his extensive knowledge of financial statements, bookkeeping, and controls with his knowledge of real estate and property management. Ashoka Lion ventured to being a more dedicated property management and now a licensed brokerage. However, the knowledge and expertise gained from years of education and experience remain. Therefore, we created this firm to help small to medium size business owners benefit from a experienced team that understand controls, bookkeeping, and financial statement preparation.

Services that we can provide:

1) Bank Account Reconciliation

2) Bookkeeping 

3) Account reconciliation (A/R, A/P)

4) Controls Development

5) Outsourced Accounts Receivable

6) Outsourced Accounts Payable 

7) Invoicing