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Real Estate Investor Bookkeeping Services and Financial Solutions

Many real estate investors or real estate investment companies need bookkeeping and financial management solutions to help relieve the burden of the day to day administrative burdens of managing or owning a portfolio of properties. This solution is focused on some of those tedious elements. Real Estate Investors who need help managing their books as they handle the day to management for their investment real estate portfolio will appreciate our extensive experience in bookkeeping for rental properties.

  • Accounts Receivable: Tracking Rent from Tenants
  • Accounts Payable: Tracking Bills from Vendors
  • Bank Account Reconciliation: Reconcile Bank Accounts
  • Bill Payment Services: Paying Bills for vendors with appropriate approval
  • Landlord and Industry Experience: Experienced in Software such Appfolio, Buildium, and Quickbooks
  • Tax Compliance: Experienced in preparing year end 1099 for vendors 
  • Payroll Services: Experienced in running payroll

Real Estate Investment Bookkeeping Services

Basic Bookkeeping and Financial Solutions

Let our team handle real estate investors who require basic bookkeeping services and financial management solutions.

Bookkeeping Services

Real Estate Investor (s)  or Investment Companies who need basic bookkeeping services such as entering basic income and expense type entries, or reconciling a bank account.

Security Deposit Escrow Reconciliation

Many states or areas require security deposit to be accounted and this will require reconciling the tenant deposits to who is in the property, and who has moved out. Security Deposit cannot be accounted for as simple income as it is a deposit against future damages. 

Bank Account Reconciliations

Some real estate investors or real estate investment companies need a outside party to review their accounts to insure that the money has been captured by the accounting system. Our bookkeeping services team can review bank statements and reconcile to Quickbooks, Appfolio, or Buildium programs. This is a excellent control to help insure that the balances are being kept in good order. 

Advanced Bookkeeping Solutions

These bookkeeping and financial solutions services are for companies who need a bit of help managing rent collection or vendor payment cycles.

Accounts Receivable Management

Tenants will fall behind on rent payments, and our bookkeeping services team can use Buildium  or Appfolio to help you monitor delinquent tenants.  This could include providing your manager collection reports and coordinate for collections (review of process must be done prior).

Accounts Payable Management

Our bookkeeping services staff can upload vendor bills to be paid. We can also setup manager to any bills . We can do this  in Appfolio or Buildium, or we can use our 3rd party payable management program.  After the appropriate real estate investor or their designated manager has approved the bills, then our bookkeeping teams can pay approved vendor bills using Appfolio, Buildium, or our accounts payable management  programs to reduce delay on vendor payment. 

Additional Add On Services

These are additional ancillary services that we can help a real estate investor or real estate investment company handle in addition to the typical financial management solutions.

Remote Mail Processing

Our team can help setup and monitor a mail processing service that will allow our staff to monitor mail and process vendor bills as well as download other mail to online storage program like Dropbox for you or your team to review. 

Registered Agent

The  Lion Back Office Group can act as a Registered Agent to receive legal documents and such to insure that your company is alerted of important notices. 

Appfolio or Buildium Setup

Our bookkeeping services teams can work with the real estate investor while they setup Appfolio or Buildium. Our Bookkeeping teams can help establish or edit your chart of accounts to your requirements, add tenants, add properties, and setup the system as quickly as possible. 

Payroll Services

Our Bookkeeping teams can help and run the real estate investor's company payroll for in-house staff that are W-2.

Bookkeeping Services for Real Estate Investors requires a consultation to confirm scope.